Good old bike, goodbye..?

The new millennium had not yet begun, when  in a small workshop in Milan, in all secrecy, were laid the

It's PMZERO, a revolutionary electric and non-electric bicycle!

Why talk about this today?


Have you seen how much You've to pay for fuell these days?

So here's the idea!

Designing a bike on individual needs... And now Marco Mazza has designed an extremely advanced, revolutionary bike, designed to maximize the interaction body - engine.

What's more convincing than five hundred kilometers with 1 euro of electricity charged at home?

A small electric motor uses the energy of a rechargeable battery to assist at pedaling of this innovative means of transport, which proceeds rapidly without effort. Thanks to the natural riding position and sophisticated electronics which "perceive" the pedaling, PMZERO provides a pleasant and relaxing pedaling experience.

So, what else?

One hundred and twenty kilometers between charging including an anti-theft package makes PMZERO being THE unique and exclusive electric bicycle.

Enter the environmentally sustainable world of PMZERO.

The PMZERO wellness e-bike are manufactured and customized in Italy, on indication of the customer in limited edition.

Book it online now.

PMZERO makes pedaling easy!

Effortless pedaling with PMZERO!

PMZERO e-bike eases Your pedaling!








Dear old bike, good-bye?

It's probably too early to put the traditional bicycle in the attic, but a new vehicle project, result of the cycling evolution and of a new research for fitness and wellness, could soon "mix up" the market of the two wheels.

PMZERO e-bike is a new vehicle by a natural cycling evolution, redesigned for getting the best performance of the human engine in the interaction of body-machine.

Generally sharing the ergonomic architecture inherited and historically consolidated by the derivation medium, the three points of contact (man-engine) are almost entirely re-designed, studied to facilitate and accommodate at it's best the engine-status in relation to the nature of the human being.

The proceeds of the research ensures maximum comfort and reduced friction of the areas that rest on the seat. Also the controlling handlebars, pedals and seat have been redefined, optimizing the ergonomics of the body and therefore the yield of pedaling.

After three years of study and testing, a tool has been developped that enables the cyclist to gain the maximum performance from his effort in terms of speed, distance and time, in a situation of physical wellness and at the same time excluding any suffering. This is because the lower limbs, being the prime movers, enjoy the highest state of relaxation and aren't subject to muscle poisoning, the perineal area is not affected by any kind of compression and the position of the whole body enjoys the best ergonomic setup.

Consequently, it minimizes the energy consumption and maximizes the autonomy, the metabolism is not altered, but maintained in accordance with it's nature, the muscular system enjoys an harmonious development, extended to the whole body, the absence of intoxication gives space to the availability of the naturally produced endorphins. In such conditions the movement of the muscles becomes desired and rewarding. With PMZERO electric bicycle the three points of contact between man and engine, completely redesigned, are closely interdependent and inseparable.

PMZERO, a new vehicle, though revolutionary in it's ergonomic architecture of this most used and known vehicle of the world, which aims to maximize the efficiency of the driver with a related objective of a logic of wellness.

Wellness means to achieve well-being from a healthy lifestyle, aiming at harmony of body, mind and soul and is born from the fusion of the terms "wellbeing" and "fitness" - in other words: physical activity plays an essential role for well-being.

PMZERO the bike that rides pedals You!